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“Psychology is not only the study of human behavior and mind, but also the promotion and spreading of well-being in each environment where persons live.”

Also known as Matthew Law, Mattia Loy is a chartered psychologist, coach, technical expert and writer born in Italy but nowadays living in UK, among Brighton and London.

Short bio: recognized by professors and colleagues as a brilliant mind even before graduating at University, he was used to operate as freelance professional for important brands in Sardinia and Rome, for UIL (a famous Italian labour union) as mobbing specialist and even caring among his own projects in tourism and European funding, as ISDRI and Social Synergy. Those activities allowed him to gain a lot of experience about several kind of businesses, as banking, tourism and even fashion and advertising photography.
About writings, he is the author of the blog “Orion – galaxy of warmth emotions” (popular in Italy) and main or co-author in scientific researches about job satisfaction & personal values of unstable workers, family & parental skills, employability in modern times, regret as influence in people’s behaviour while shopping or voting and more. He also has been writer for Italian magazines, as  for “Love e Business” for (“woman magazine”)

Extremely enterprising, it took few time for him to get confirmed as a reliable and talented professional, also due to his strong commitment for his customers, creativity and empathy. Because of that, he was occasionally addressed with nicknames as “doc. Love” or “the problem-solver” by his patients and customers, and has been able to achieve important goals as working for Tiscali, Heineken sub brand “Ichnusa”, his own ISDRI and even as judges’ technical counsellor for the tribunal of his native city, Cagliari.
Nonetheless, due the terrible economic crisis in Italy (with hundred of corporations and small firms failing daily and thus with a rampant poverty even among families and the Italian State) and disgusted by the cultural decaying of his native society, he has chosen to live and work in London since UK is famous to be a much more civilized play than Italy nowadays, granting the right opportunities to use his sills for the welfare of UK corporations and firms.

Services: Knowledgeable about the “society-work-family” set, he offers counselling and services both for corporations and people, about their personal lives.
In the “business” field, he is a performance improvement specialist (e.g. Human Resources, organizational development, corporate training and ‘psychosocial risks in working environments’ assessment and remedy) thanks to his specialization and master degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
For people, instead, he operates as life and relational coach/counsellor, dealing with a vast range of issues that vary, for example, from the resolution of relational and love matters, passing through food disorders and orientation to work or study.

Even if the services he offers to business corps and people may be very different, his way of working is based on common assumptions: the used approach, non-therapeutic, starts with the analysis of the user’s needs (both persons and corporations). Then, he analyzes their background and present context to define custom strategies aimed at achieving practical objectives, whether solving problems or achieving new goal.

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