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Hello my name is Floriano, I have been living for three months in London where I’m developing my activities of Massage Therapist.

I started my training in this area in 2008 in Perugia, first attending the preliminary course and then the three years course Shiatsu, receiving the diploma.

Shiatsu for me was a shock, the beginning of my physical, mental and spiritual rebirth. I realised, thanks to Shiatsu, the traditional Chinese medicine and the philosophical concepts of Taoism the real meaning of life included the health. From that day, I wanted to pass on to others, with the treatments, what I had learned for myself.

I practiced Shiatsu to patients of the clinic where I worked, in Spa, Holistic centres and private customers domicile.

I deepened my training with seminars, courses and studies. I attended Shiatsu courses for motherhood and female genital sphere.

In London I attended a Deep Tissue Massage Course and a Swedish Massage Course too.

Today I can combine several massage techniques, always with the ultimate goal, the recipient’s energy balance.

The treatments that I offer are targeted to reach a deep state of relaxation and can bring great benefit to muscle problems – skeletal, cervical pain, lumbar, joint; states of insomnia, stress, anxiety, metabolic and hormonal dysfunctions.

I can work at home in all the areas of London at a rate of 30 pounds per hour for a package of at least three massages.

Contact me for more clarifications or information.

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