Marianna Trezza

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Can you not get back to living in Italy yet or do you not feel fully integrated in the British culture? Do you want to be listened unconditionally from the “inside” of your Italian culture? The desire to live with your family / friends you know from childhood and to enjoy the metropolis opportunities are in conflict? Have you missed your projects, do not you feel more in touch with your desires and your intuitions? Do you have fears, phobias or blocks that do not make you progress and want to talk about it in your mother tongue? If all this is familiar to you, feel assured that there is a way out. Many people at some point in their lives feel the need to get counseling or psychotherapy to face the challenges of everyday life. My name is Marianna Trezza and I am qualified as a counselor and psychotherapist besides being a member of the British Association for Counseling and Psycotherapy (BACP). For the last ten years I have helped adults, teenagers and children overcome their conflicts and obstacles. The kind of counseling I offer turns to the person in a holistic way, it takes at the same time the care of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sphere. My clients receive unconditional acceptance and listening, new resources to have more confidence in their self-realization capabilities and options for having a more rewarding and authentic quality of life. “Even a thousand miles journey starts with one step,” take the first step, write to me.

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