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What is counselling? Who is the counsellor?

This is often the case today that life events are considered unavoidable and are not produced by people’s attitudes, ways of doing, and thinking about being consolidated and repeated. What is commonplace, too, is that the social and relational behaviour of many people depends on the lack of elaboration of internal problems, or the lack of understanding of some part of oneself, or the lack of evolution towards better harmonies in one’s own existence.

It is here that the counsellor’s professional figure can come to the aid and support for a simple and practical change in everyday life. The counselling function is to accompany and guide the person in order to clarify and understand problems, questions, decisions, support the moments of crisis and help in finding a solution.

What is Voice Dialogue?

It is a method born in the USA in the 1970s by doctors Hal and Sidra Stone. The Dialogue of Internal Voices is based on the fact that the human psyche is not monolithic, but rather constitutes a multiplicity of different aspects (inner selfs) that interact more or less harmoniously to develop the personality that then operates in the world.

Each of these “Voices” has within us an autonomous self-real life with desires, tendencies, needs and beliefs, with reflections on our way of seeing and managing our lives. With some of these aspects, we identify ourselves early to live our reality only through them. These “Voices” can be called primary because they define our operational personality in the world. In the process of growth, these aspects will develop unconsciously and thus uncontrolled, avoiding contact with the opposite (renegade) aspects.

By identifying ourselves with only a few parts, we are failing to fully express our potentialities and our inner richness, and it is as if we were only standing on one leg in the world. So, instead of feeling safe and secure in our way of life and acting, we feel like we are in a prison that moves us away from our essence.

Voice Dialogue sessions aim to contact and give “voice” to our various aspects in an almost theatrical manner. The purpose of this path is to reduce discomfort, manage emotions, and increase your wellbeing.

Recognising the aspects of personality that manage our lives, rather than those who do not live for fear or judgment, and above all go beyond, give us the opportunity to openly neutralise those situations and people opposed to us. We can thus communicate in a more present and real way led by what we are and not in the struggle against what is different from us. Through this work we are increasingly developing our Conscious Centre, capable of listening to the opposite polarities of the psychic flow, remaining free and creating new opportunities.

Who am I?

I have always been interested in innovative techniques of developing awareness and well-being, I have experienced many methods such as movement and expressive dance, knowledge and use of breathing, gestalt, and family constellations. Afterwards, I was fortunate enough to know Indian master Santhi Prasad, learning better from him healing techniques through the breath (in Sanskrit prana) and through the songs (in Sanskrit mantra). I slowly approached the teachings of another Indian master, Osho, from whom I learned active techniques of stress release and rediscovering the lightness and joy of life more and more …

At the age of 23 I met the Voice Dialogue method, waking up into me forgotten resources and talents. Fascinated by this simple, but also profound method, I chose to attend the three training years by taking the counsellor’s diploma. Later, when I completed my diploma, I attended the Bodymind Dialogue master, thus joining the already acquired knowledge of counselling to the body’s innate expression capabilities.

I strongly believe in the vision of a holistic well-being (olos = whole).

I find it fascinating to integrate various tools like movement, breathing, meditation to regain balance and awaken a greater awareness of who we are.

I am registered as a Counselor Professional at national FAIP and SIAF registers (Italian Family Harmonization Society).

For information and appointments contact me:

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