Mamme a Londra

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Mamme a Londra is the first portal exclusively dedicated to mothers and future Italian mothers living in Britain.

Buzzing for English forums, I’ve often found posts of Italian moms looking for some compatriots to share experiences, exchange words and meet their children with other Italian speaking friends.

Moms in London is born just to help us solve the everyday problems of ours, to teach us to navigate a healthcare / school / social system that is very different from the Italian one, to exchange suggestions, opinions, recipes, tips, novelties and to talk about whatever else comes to mind.

Are you pregnant and are you wondering where the English hide gynaecologists? Are you looking for a baby-sitter that does not slip her eyes in front of tour baby’s the face who puts his/her hands in his/her nose? Would you like to find a local supplier because you are tired of explaining to the customs officer that the ten Tarallucci boxes in your suitcase are for “personal use”?

I think I got the idea! What are you waiting for? Put the moca on the stove, bookmark the Mamme’s page in London, click on Register Now to access in our forum and get ready to make virtual chats!

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