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Personalised home / hospital obedience counseling, on-line (in emergency-Skype).

Competent, specific information, support and treatments for:

  • Pregnancy (informed choice- emotional support- creative group meetings)
  • After delivery (harmonizing treatments after caesarean section or traumatic parts and scars).
  • Breastfeeding (day and night life rhythms-solutions)
  • Weaning and relationship with the baby.

For those seeking holistic support for a serene path in a harmonious and preventive care model that responds to the needs and questions that arise during the delicate phase of maternity and the birth of a new dynamics in the family.

Particularly suitable for those who live in a new cultural and social context that is not entirely familiar and far from the family of origin.

The midwife is a qualified practitioner relevant to the care and health of mom and baby during maternity, birth and first year of life.

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