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Our meats tell a story of people and their passions, like the countrymen who work in the vineyards or the farmers breeding their quality animals.

And the day came …

After having invented and founded the chain of restaurants Maxela, together with my friend Alessandro Garrone, I have come to the most pivotal decision in my life. The choice to purchase the “last of the chain” in London, has been made in a more humble way to continue my culinary journey, to share with my colleagues what I have learned in twenty years of occupation.

It seems like yesterday, when I began to wash dishes and floors in Trattoria in Via Francesco Rolla run by my family; serving minestrone with pesto prepared by my mother in the suburbs of Genova. Over the years I made many mistakes, learning from every opportunity. This allowed me to understand and to become curious, “more and more sick of this job” probably if I had committed less I wouldn’t be here to write this…

After several years, I have realised the best way to do catering is never compromise with quality…ever! I consider myself lucky to be Italian, to be born amongst the best ingredients in the world, and only now I realize how we have mistreated them and I want to truly embrace “MADE IN ITALY”.

The decision to pursue my entrepreneurial adventure in London was “taken not by chance”. Here I met real people, candid and sincere, that have given me, and continue to do so, the opportunity to learn new things; an effervescent market and a demanding clientele, at the same time passionate and knowledgeable, give me the best incentives to succeed.

Macellaio Roberto Costa will be a hymn to Italian excellence, thanks to two excellent partners that I carry with me: Daniele Oberto and Andrea Mello Grosso, administrators of “Macelleria Oberto” in Alba and “Caseificio Tosi” in Gattico.

Every product offered in our restaurant is the fruit of a meticulous work of artisans and farmers loyal to traditions, with whom we share the “Italian passion”; as Giovanni taught me, the first butcher I have been working with: “there is no passion without blood”.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, the promise of the team “Macellaio RC” is to bring you the best Italian products without compromises, because this is our commitment.

Roberto Costa, Macellaio.

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Report Subscribe 06/02/2015 09:11

Battuta di fassona was average.. v ery disappointed by the meat quality and also the menu doesnt correspond with what they have online