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Bring a bit of Salento to Islington and to London

Salento, the South-eastern extremity of the Apulia Region, is a peninsula in the Southern East of Italy, surrounded by the waters of the Ionian and Adriatic Sea, kissed by the sun and the wind. It is an area with a very ancient.

We are really proud of our roots, and we would like to make every effort to make you love our land as much as we do. Loredana, our great chef, will let you taste this little corner of Italy and experience the passion and the enveloping hospitality which has always distinguished us. We offer typical recipes from Italy and from Apulia, fresh and genuine food accurately prepared every day, certified Italian products, simplicity, kindness, and our special manner to match these things together.
L’Orecchietta café restaurant is a tribute to Salento and its simple flavours: fragrant stuffed focacce baked every day, freshly made Panini with Italian cured meats and cheeses, fully flavoured wines, the fabulous rustico salentino and all delicatessens that we import directly from Italy. And, most importantly, homemade orecchiette (the little ear-shaped pasta typical of Puglia, our speciality!).

Orecchiette pasta are about 3/4 of an inch across, slightly domed, and their centers are thinner than their rims, a characteristic that gives them an interestingly variable texture, soft in the middle and somewhat more chewy outside. In Italy there are many mothers and grandmothers who prepare them by hand at home, and the art of pasta making is .
And then for breakfast or tea break, you have to try our home made pasticciotto salentino. Historians agree that the origins of this incredible and humble treat go back to the first half of the 18th century (1745, to be exact) and that it was born in the village of Galatina.
This pastry from Lecce & the Salento region is as much a symbol to this part of Italy as the croissant is to France. The pastry consists of a short crust pastry filled with pastry cream. There are many variations of the pasticciotto. Typically, in addition to the pastry cream, you can find a film of chocolate cream or cherry preserves. Surely, Londoners will love it!

We look forward to meeting you… and you?

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After 8 years of my life spent in London I am not missing any more Italian foods!