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The Italian Medical Charity was formed to give financial help to Italians and those of Italian descent with medical problems and those caring for them.

The charity understands that there are many occasions where the National Health Service cannot provide the aid you require. The Charity cannot provide any medical service for you but can help in aiding in the financial burden that occurs. There are Government Benefits available for most, however, where these fail the IMC may be able to lessen the shortfall.

How to apply for grant:

Send a letter to our address below, explaining your need of surgical, medical or rehabilitative treatment. This should include how much money you require for your problem and why you cannot receive this treatment on the NHS. Please be as specific as possible.

Provide a supporting letter from your GP.

If appropriate, provide a letter from your Hospital or Specialist Consultant, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker or another official body, explaining your requirements.

Complete and sign the consent form, if appropriate, for the trustees to contact your GP, Specialist etc.
You can download the consent form here.

Include any further information to back your application.

We cannot, unfortunately, be responsible for any fee involved in obtaining a doctor’s letter.

Send applications to:

114 School Lane, Bushey.
Herts, WD23 1BX

Tel: 020 8421 8676

What the Charity does*:

Aid you to acquire some services or treatments not provided by the NHS or other government agencies.

  • Provide funds to aid a period of respite to long term carers.
  • Gives help for a disabled person to retain their independence.
  • Provides a grant to help you purchase specialist furniture.

What the Charity does not:

  • Provide funds for private healthcare so that you can jump an NHS queue.
  • Provide any funds to anyone currently suffering substance abuse.

*This list is an example of where we can help; it is not exhaustive as everyone has differing problems and requirements for a different solution. We look to aid you in your solution in providing partial financial grant. Each case will be considered separately upon its own merits. The trustees may need to contact your GP and/or other official bodies who have supported your application; we will require your consent to do this.

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