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Incrent is the first company London Based, specialised Rent to Rent strategy. This is  one of the best current strategy available in the UK property market.

After several years in the field, we realised that people really care about their homes. and that nobody could provide them a proper tailored management service. They were being charged even high rates sometimes.

We understood that there was lack of knowledge about different ways to let, by the “regular” agents, not making the most from the property, in terms of profit.

As specialists in Rent to Rent, and believing that there is great potential behind multi-lets. We are here to help people solve their problems with their properties, starting by sharing free tips.

Incrent’s mission is to improve our client’s lifestyle, giving them the freedom they deserve and providing high living standards.

We tend to do joint venture (JV) with Landlords and Investors. Usually they are cash rich but time poor. Our aim is to help them build a personal property portfolio without having to spend their own time.

Our intent is to provide our tenants high living standards and a professionally managed property. Incrent is specialised in flat-sharing therefore we know how to create a lovely environment with lovely people.

Let us introduce ourselves…

Alessio Tondo  – Co-Founder Incrent

I am passionate about property and have been in the field since I have decided to change my lifestyle. After years working for others, I made the decision to quit my job as waiter in London  and started to look for better opportunities. At that stage I understood that working in the property field was what I was going to do next.  I looked for a role in estate agencies and I ended up working as letting negotiator, later on as property manager.

I have been working for various agencies in London, and later I decided to open my own property business. Dealing with landlords and tenants made me realise that there was a wrong understanding of how a House in Multiple Occupation should be like. In many of the properties I have seen, I found lack of proper living standards, lack of management and loads of problems with tenants. With the experience acquired in the years and the will to create something great I have decided to specialise in Rent to Rent and co-founded Incrent with Fabio.

Fabio Tarantino – Co-Founder Incrent

I have been loving the property field since I finished college. I started as a simple agent in a regular agency, spending almost all day running after my clients. After the crisis I had to choose a different direction, so I have decided to move to London.
Here I opened my first Limited company and quickly understood the real benefits of the multi-let. In a country where there is a big demand.

I decided to specialise myself in Rent to Rent and I co-founded Incrent. Common people or usual landlords see in the House of Multiple Occupation many problems and headaches. I see good possibility and great opportunities. This is why me and my partner have decided to open this blog. We want to give our knowledge and experience in order to change the common beliefs.

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