Imperivm Caviale

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The snail caviar is a food suitable for most refined tables, its texture and its size makes it a gastronomic delight. The exquisite and delicate taste make it an excellent culinary delicacy. Now required and known all over the world, is born on fields where we produce it, near the ancient Rome, where, as early as 49 BC, snails were being bred to meet the rich clients of such Fulvio Lippino, who would grant the requests from all over the ‘Empire, hence the name of our ‘Imperivm’ caviar, to reconnect with our past, our traditions, the essence of an ancient world that belongs to us. The snail caviar or snail eggs or pearls of Aphrodite, in many different ways in which it is defined, makes its tasting a unique sensory experience still being used, from the kitchen of a high standard developed in the best restaurants and by the best cooks, until to the home hearth where you use the dish for a special occasion or for someone special.

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