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I-Mage Communications was founded in 1993 with PR as the lead discipline. We are a successful, independent and full service communication Consultancy specialising in food and drink, hotels and restaurants, lifestyle, health and nutrition.
Characterized by a deep knowing of the catering business in the UK and by the excellent understanding of food and drink market trends, we build our clients’ business and grow with them.

Our philosophy:

We work for a limited number of quality clients ensuring the highest standards of client service.

We deliver quantifiable results acting in an open and honest manner at all times through strategy-based PR and marketing campaigns.

To add value to your business our solutions are focused PR and marketing campaigns, a phase-by-phase approach that the client can control and real result that the client can measure on the bottom line.

How we work:

We make it our business to know your business, not necessarily as you know it but in a way that makes it usable as part of a PR campaign.

Only then we develop the right communication campaign to help achieve your business objectives.

In the crowded marketplace, normality is  considered as mediocrity and excites no one, hence we apply innovative, lateral thinking as we search for solutions.

What we offer – Our services:
Our creativity and passion for a job well done, our experienced people and our honesty and openness will lead you to meaningful results.

Strategic services: Consultancy based solutions

  • Development of a clear strategy
  • Facilitation of strategy delivery by advising, guiding and implementing specific activities
  • Addition of specific skills to your in-house resources
  • Crisis management and communication

Tactical services: hands-on solutions

  • Media relations
  • Launch events
  • Copywriting
  • Promotions, loyalty schemes, exhibition support
  • Tactical advertising
  • Design, photography and print management
  • Sponsorship

Specialist restaurant services: tailor-made solutions

  • Niche marketing
  • Creating customer appeal
  • Menu makeover
  • Totality of communication

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