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We use digital technology to innovate the world of construction.

Our unique online platform introduces real-time progress monitoring into the building sites. You can follow all the phases of the project, check the progress, review the schedule. Photos and videos are uploaded by our project managers as the building work is carried out. Via the tools, you can view how the project budget is used through all the phases. The interactive tools allow you to ask questions and understand all the details, via real-time chat and direct comments in the dashboard section.

We introduce creativity in structural design to change the way you think about construction

Flexible structural design saves you money and time and optimises your space.

Our cleverly designed structures use all the available materials and technology to deliver beauty, light, simplicity and solidity to your home. Our unique approach allows us to adapt the structural design during the construction, to meet your requirements as they arise. This also enables us to promptly provide adaptive solutions, even when the works are ongoing.

houseUP is the digital construction company that accompanies you from planning to completion.

We estimate the costing of your project using a scientific approach

The estimation for a project can only be reliable through a deep understanding of the scope of the work and all the construction details. We use the latest and most advanced software tools with updated cost of materials to transform our knowledge and competence into reliable figures. This means pricing, timing, complexity of your project is accurately evaluated and you can hold us accountable for our quotation.

Products and Services
  • Refurbishment
  • New Builds
  • Office conversion
  • Block of flats
  • House extension

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Great service provided!