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We dress properties to maximize their selling and rental potential in a shorter time and for the best possible price.
Home Staging is a marketing technique that enhances spaces. It presents the house in the best light possible, through quick and non-structural interventions. We create interest in those who want to buy or rent a property. The property’s potential is brought to light.
The French term “Mise-en-scène” – literally meaning “putting on stage” – best describes this creative approach towards the power of space.
The difference with Interior Design is that Home Staging depersonalizes your home and aims to give it a neutral feel, allowing it to appeal to all buyers. Interior Design, on the other hand, brings the home owner’s vision to life while incorporating their own personal items.
HomeStagingStudio London Rome

Products and Services
  • Home Staging
  • Relooking and Renovating
  • Decluttering
  • Home staging for short term rental

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