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Atrium Court, 15-17 Jockey's Fields, London, United Kingdom Categories: Lawyer Legal Firm, SERVICES PRIVATE AND B2B Law firm in Holborn Law firm in London

Founded in 1980 and with offices in London and Brighton, Healys is a full service law firm covering most practice areas including Company Commercial, Employment, Immigration, Family, Property, Media, Personal Injuries, Insolvency and Commercial Litigation and offer the complete one stop shop for all our client’s needs.

Our entrepreneurial approach has a particular appeal to our international clients and our teams include multilingual speakers, including French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic and Greek.

We provide comprehensive legal advice in all legal practise areas to business investing, trading or operating outside their country of origin.

The “Italy Desk” to assists with:

  • UK companies interested to expand, invest and/or having legal disputes in Italy
  • Italian companies interested to establish themselves in the UK
  • Buying and selling a property (Residential or Commercial)
  • Legal assistance in Corporate, Family law, Labour law, Immigration law , Personal injury.
  • Italians’ private client who seek advices on the management of their assets and require legal assistance in Italy and/or the UK
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