Gelateria 3Bis

Borough Market, 4 Park Street, London, SE1 9AB Categories: FOOD, Ice Cream Italian ice cream shop in London Bridge Italian ice cream shop in London

Gealteria 3BIS London is characterised by its concept “artigianalità”, this means craftsmanship. Knowledge, recipes and techniques acquired and developed over the last 15 years. Also it means that all the raw materials used are high quality, and most of them comes from Italy like pistachios, hazelnuts, liquorice. Other ones comes from Belgium, Sri Lanka and Great Britain. One of the last things that make our product unique is our continuous production, starting every morning making small batches at the time.

Our products are true italian taste exported in London Borough Market. Quality of products, rich taste, and passions are our unique ingredients.

To make a great gelato, passion and knowledge are not enough, it is crucial to choose high quality ingredients: we use organic milk and high quality italian products that are internationally recognised such as Sicilian pistachio, hazelnuts from Piemonte, liquorice from Calabria and Pernigotti Cocoa. Our sorbets contain more than 50% fruit. We also use many ingredients from Britain, like rhubarb, gooseberries, clotted cream.

To really enjoy our gelato it has to be fresh; we make fresh gelato and sorbets every day, throughout the day, making small batches, between 2 and 4 litres at the time. this way our gelato is always fresh.

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