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FollowMaway LTD is a new company that is aimed to promote sustainable tourism by selling holidays in special farms, agritourisms or b&b accurately selected by us after a visit on the spot. At the moment we have signed few partnerships with some Italian structures, but we are planning to expand in other European countries – mainly in the Mediterranean region – and South Eastern Asia.

The structures we select must be peculiar, better if they have organic certifications, usually are family-run and away from cities or well reknowned touristic locations. They are surrounded by nature and sometimes difficult to find, although they are always close to interesting locations so that our customers can enjoy their holiday by popping into different attractions, if they want.

Our main target are people living in cities who need to detox and experience a different way of travelling. What we offer is the accurate knowledge of the locations we talk about on our website and blog (as we are experienced backpackers traveller ourselves) and the possibility of tailoring a unique holiday around customer’s needs.


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