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Hi! My name is Beatrice and I am a freelancer here in London. I work as a Personal Trainer, but different from the usual concept. I deal with wellness, that is mental re-education in the approach towards movement, the body and the perception of it. I collaborate with psychologists and nutritionists because I also deal with body reconnection during or after recovery from Eating Disorders. My approach is dedicated to making peace with oneself, to feel good about oneself, to non-judgment, acceptance and from there personal and unique improvement as unique as the person himself. Not on a weight, a number or a single and obligatory physical form. Wellness and physical and mental health are not seen from the outside. They are felt. A body that feels good is a body that belongs to us, that we feel, that is active, responsive, resilient and strong enough to face everyday life by treating it with respect. I have the diplomat of Personal Trainer third level certified CONI, female instructor, functional, weight training and proprioception. I’ve been through Eating Disorders and from there, after the healing was born the need and passion to help those who are not good with themselves, those who feel inadequacy towards themselves, shame and break the cycle of false myths and hard to die concepts. I am currently a volunteer of an Italian Association for Eating Disorder non profit (Animenta) with which we are working to collaborate with organizations here in the UK in Eating Disorder as the association Beat.
Products and Services
  • Fitness Lesson (home or Gym)
  • Mindful Fitness Lezzon
  • Fitness Lesson Online
  • Physical re-education to improve body perception
  • Consulting
  • Fitness and Eating Disorders Training

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