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For over 40 years, the ladies that have been attending Figurella know that it isn’t your usual “gym”, but a unique approach towards women’s fitness and health. Born in Switzerland in the 70’s, the Figurella Method gained popularity from the very first day it opened, not just in Italy, but around the world. Since then, over 300 locations have been opened worldwide. Austria, Germany, France … not just in Europe! Figurella has been present in Argentina for over 12 years, as well as Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico and Colombia for the past 15 years. Figurella landed in the USA in 2012, and its most recent location opened this April 2018 in London near the Battersea area! We are proud to have brought this amazing brand to the UK as there is nothing like us at all. Our Figurella boutique, studio location is neither a gym, nor a spa, but a location dedicated to women’s health and physical wellbeing. The Figurella Method has been around for over 30 years and is based on 3 specific steps: Step 1: Patented Bubble Workout Burn fat within the very first minute of your workout. The controlled temperature inside our Bubble allows you to maximize your metabolic rate. 30 minutes = 1.5 hours at the gym. Activate enzymes in your body that allow you to get results effectively and efficiently. A Figurella Assistant is by your side each step of the way, just like a personal trainer would. Step 2: Spa Shell Oxygen Bath Your workout is followed by a nice shower and relaxing 15 minute oxygen bath. You deserve this! Increased oxygen levels in your body allow for an improved blood circulation, while boosting your metabolism for up to 72 hours and leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. By detoxing, you purify the body and slowly start to reestablish your metabolic rate. Step 3: Nutritional Coaching We don’t believe in diets or pills! We will teach you a correct approach towards food and a healthy lifestyle – that’s our main goal here at Figurella. 1 hour, at least 2 times a week The WHO (World Health Organization) states that for a body to be healthy, it needs to receive the correct amount of exercise that needs to be performed with regular attendance and fed with the appropriate nutritious foods. Figurella meets these requirements: you attend twice a week and your sessions are just 1 hour long. Starting your Figurella journey: Body Analysis & Lifestyle Consultation Figurella prides itself on the close attention it pays its clients. Each and every body has a different goal. We won’t be giving you a “one size fits all” exercise program, but we analyze and take into consideration every part of your lifestyle to create your personalized and effective workout program. You can get started by sending us an email and scheduling your complimentary consultation.
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