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We are a team of Italian professionals involved in the latest university research and we are specialised in dental implants , Oral Surgery, Prosthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry, Facial Aesthetic and Smile makeover, Full mouth rehabilitation, Teeth in a day and much more.

We want you to play a leading role in the creation of your smile. We base our work on trust and a philosophy of close doctor-patient collaboration, for an experience that best suits your needs with a personalised and well-studied treatment plan. Our highly-qualified team of doctors, assistants and hygienists, is in constant training to guarantee safe services of a high quality that’s made to last.

Here at Favero Dental Clinic, you don’t have to be afraid or anxious of your dentist: anaesthesia accompanies you throughout the procedure, ensuring minimal discomfort or pain during the treatment. We got our start in Northeast Italy, growing throughout the provinces of Belluno, Treviso and Trieste. Now we can even be found in Cortina D’Ampezzo and Naples, with branches planned in Milan and Rome. Abroad, we can be found here in London. The patient comes first, and is examined by doctors and paramedics during the first visit and throughout the therapeutic phases.

Our team has been trained to provide effective, efficient service that is always improving. Periodic quality control measures guarantee reliable, long-lasting results. Protecting our patients is a priority: we guarantee the sterilisation, disinfection and hygiene of our instruments. Everything is certified with traceable documents.

Check all our services…your smile will be our work of art!

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3 Comments on Favero Dental Clinic

Report Subscribe 21/12/2015 17:30

Paola S
Report Subscribe 03/07/2015 11:41

I have just recently completed a 1 year treatment for braces and teeth whitening, I found an excellent service provided by Favero Dental Clinic, the orthodontic was very honest, helpful and very understanding of the all procedure process. The final result was amazing and I can comfortably smile thanks to the treatment i have received. I would definitely recommend this studio, staff and doctor as they provided an excellent service. The studio is well located and easy to reach in Central London.

Report Subscribe 13/03/2015 10:30

Beware of Favero Clinic, it's the worst I've ever experienced, they try to sell you other expensive treatments than the one you already came for & keep talking about how bad are NHS dentists on your 1st visit, claiming that they're much better than NHS, I bought teeth cleaning on offer & paid £30, ended up spending £300 on one tooth, the dentist said I needed a filling , paid £150, felt very uncomfortable, it was painful & unable to eat on it at all more than a month, so went back, did it again, then the filling came off after a few weeks, went back, while the dentist was fixing it, it came off while I was already there again, waw so did the same tooth 4 times, it never happened with me in the past & they made me pay £150 again, Im going to see my NHS dentist now because after 4 fillings in the same place its still VERY uncomfortable, unprofessional & total RIP OFF