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Aesthetic Center in Victoria.
Esse&Co. was founded in 2012 in the heart of London a few steps from Westminster Parliament and Victoria Station.
Our first target is offering Italian high professionalism and being a reference point for those who are new or live for long time in the beautiful London. Through the careful selection of highly certified and professional products we help you to fully satisfy your needs.
The Aesthetic Center Esse & Co. provides personalized treatments for face:
– Deep cleaning with steam
– Lymphatic Drainage Massage Method Vodder
– Treatment against age and regenerating
– Man facial treatment
– Eyes treatment (under promotion for Christmas 2016).
Nimue Skin Treatments with Advanced Technology products, specialised in:
– Skins hyper sensitive or reddened with Rosacea
– Acne or other skin problems
– Damaged skins by the sun
– Skins hyper pigmented
– Skins tired and stressed
– Dry skins and dehydrated
Exfoliation treatments:
– Regenerating peeling with Nimue 15% AHA Bio Active Complex.
– Peeling Nimue Glycolic acid 35% for pigmented skins and problems.
– Nimue microneedling with TDS to stimulate collagen production.
Body treatments customized by Sector using oils and organic essential oils:
– Manual draining anti-cellulite treatment
– Haemolymphatic massage (for Circulation Problems)
– Infrared treatment
– Detoxifying treatment with electric blanket and mini facial treatment
– Mud-therapy Essential oils (Draining, detoxifying and anti-cellulite).
– Relaxing-invigorating massage
– Aromatherapy
Treatments for hands and feet with “Alessandro International” products:
– Pedicure
– Manicure
– Hot and cold depilation
Contact us for more information and for a free check-up (text, phone, WhatsApp).

Products and Services
  • Full Body Massage
  • Peeling rigenerante con Nimue 15% AHA Bio Active Complex. t -t  -
  • Peeling Nimue 35% Acido Glicolico per pelli pigmentate e problematiche.
  • Nimue SRC - Skin resurfacing Treatments per pelli daneggiate dal sole , Acne e Iperpigmentazione.
  • Nimue Microneedling con TDS per stimolare la produzione di collagene.
  • Waxing

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Report Subscribe 28/09/2016 13:48

Difficile trovare una brava estetista a Londra, appena arrivata ero disperata, poi ho trovato attraverso the italian Community questo studio estetico, Lo staff e' molto gentile e disponibile , il servizio e' al top dalla ceretta al trattamento al viso tutto viene fatto con grande professionalita' . Laura