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Esperti Contabili Londra  was founded as accounting firms and business management and has evolved into a 360 degree support structure for the company. In addition to our management and accounting services aimed at SMEs we also deal with property investments, innovative start-ups in the UK and Europe, Internationalization of business processes, offshore formation, and Equity Crowdfunding, Asset Protection, Oil & Gas and Lobbying.

As a result, the pursuit of objectives which aim at the growth of Made in Italy in England, in Europe and in the world, has developed a deep spirit of association of different professional companies already present on the Italian territory and over the English Channel.

That is why we develop our services regarding business creation, the management of funding, the synergy of the Start-up incubators and the internationalization of Italian companies and brands.

Esperti Contabili Londra unites professionals from different backgrounds including accountants, bankers, business advisors, tax lawyers, notaries, business mentors and entrepreneurs. Over time it has developed a network of contacts that allows us to meet the needs of companies in different types of market.

Our partners are differentiated between private corporations to public authorities. Our network branches out from Italy to the United Kingdom (UK), the European Union (EU) to the Middle East (MENA)

Our Brexit door

After recent events connected with the decision taken by the UK to leave the European Union, Espert Contabili Londra has also set up the first point of support for your Company in the United Kingdom also known as Brexit door. It is open from Monday to Friday’ from 9 to 17.00.

Contact us by email or through our website. The first meeting is always free!

Our support is unique

Communication plays a key role in our services. To access to the answers to crucial questions for strategic decisions we propose a unique approach to the many business needs. Italian companies that have embraced our project are benefiting from a qualified and targeted support to their international activities.

Products and Services
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Company Formation
  • Start-up finance
  • Notary Deeds
  • Managment
  • Human Resouces
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Strategic Partnerships

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3 Comments on Esperti Contabili Londra Ltd

Marco Genovesi
Report Subscribe 11/01/2017 21:57

Molto felice del rapporto instaurato. È facile contattarli e sono professionali. I prezzi sono soddisfacenti considerando lo studio a cui mi affidavo prima. Mi hanno fornito informazioni utili e sono molto veloci a eseguire le loro operazioni.

Abele Carapelli
Report Subscribe 21/09/2016 18:20

Servizio e professionalitá di alto livello, ottimo customer service, rapporto qualitá prezzo imbattibile.

Luca Di Giordano
Report Subscribe 15/09/2016 21:29

Servizio altamente professionale e di qualita'. Li consiglio a tutti coloro che cercano un supporto efficiente al proprio brand nel Regno Unito