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The Escape in Art Group is a non-profit cultural association, based on volunteering for anyone who wants to contribute to its activities.

Escape in Art was formed in 1998 in London (History of Escape in Art) by a group of friends led by Pino Ferrara who all shared the passion for theatre and literature, as well as the awareness that the Italian language, stifled by more widespread international languages, could be lost over time.

With this spirit, the Group has undertaken a number of theatrical productions and literary competitions that have received numerous approvals.

Collaboration with the Escape in Art Group is based solely on the volunteers and the passion of participants. Any income from the Group’s activities is entirely devoted to charity and the members of the Group often contribute personally to production costs.

After more than ten years of regular activity, the Group has now suspended both theatrical productions and literary competitions, responding to the professional and personal responsibilities of the volunteers who have allowed it to operate it so far.

However, we hope that the past activities – of which this site is a comprehensive compendium – have left a mark. On the site you will find a chronology of the Group’s initiatives, the works of theatrical works and the reports of the Literary Contests. Also available are videos of almost all stage plays.

The Escape in Art Group is firmly committed to making the proceeds of its work to be used to help less fortunate people. The organization of every theatrical work is based on the utmost economy and is based on the volunteering of its members. Very often scenes and technical equipment are made available by the same members of the Group and their friends. In this way, you can optimize your expenses, and make almost all the proceeds, both from ticket sales and sponsors, to be used for charity.

Since its foundation, the Group has been focusing its attention on the praiseworthy work of D.ssa Giorgina Vergani, primary of the Infantry Hematology Department at King’s College Hospital in London. Being one of the most advanced hospitals in Europe, Italian children often need care in this facility. Although the care of children is fully covered by the National Health Service, parents’ stay is not financially supported. And this is the area of intervention of the Group, which through the VVI (Italian Volunteer Visitors) and D.ssa Vergani, helps the most needy families face their stay in London as peacefully as possible.

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