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Total Convenience ESL online English lessons are perfect for anyone who finds they are sometimes too busy to study a language course. With ESL it is you who is in control of when and where your English class takes place. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes giving you an intensive and focused lesson that is easy to fit into a busy time schedule. There is no wasted time going to and from your lesson just answer the phone and start the fun and effective route to improving your English! Equipment ESL online English school uses an internet telephone service called Skype as well as normal telephone lines to give you cutting edge English language lessons direct to your home or office. Skype provides a very effective learning solution for students. Through the combination of hands-free headsets and instant messaging students can focus very strongly on the language, helping to develop listening and spoken English skills in a relatively short space of time. Students may also choose the option of having a web camera for a further enhanced learning experience so that it is just like having a personal language teacher in your office or home! Skype is a totally free software that is very safe and easy to install. Your English Lesson At the beginning of the English lesson your teacher will phone you at the designated time and your lesson starts from the moment you pick up the phone. All of our English teachers are professionally trained native speakers dedicated to teaching you fun and effective English. You will be given a username and password to the ESL WebAccess© online student area where you can book and cancel lessons 6 hours before the start, check on your continuing progress and have unlimited access to our range of specialist English language materials designed by professional linguistic experts. We also use specialist materials from market leaders such as Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Macmillan. Our materials ensure that all the key components of language training are comprehensively covered, including general English, spoken English, business English, exam preparation and listening skills in English. To take a tour of our online WebAccess© student area please contact us. What will I need? All that is required for Skype lessons is a hands-free headset or usb phone, available cheaply from all computer shops, a computer with internet connection and Skype. For normal telephone lessons all you require is a landline telephone and a computer with internet connection. After the lesson you will receive a detailed lesson report so that you can work on improvements. You may check the status of your lessons in the ESL online student area with your username and password given to you when you buy course credits. Our teachers All of our English teachers are professionally trained native speakers with hours of experience teaching online. Our selection process means that we only choose the best native speaking teachers from around the world. Unlike other schools our teachers are not limited by location meaning you will be able to benefit from a variety of accents and teaching styles. One thing they do have in common is the level of excellence that ESL prides its self on. We are so confident that you will enjoy your lesson that we offer all students a 30 minute lesson free of charge!
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