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We specialise in providing highly personalised and unique regional artisan experiences to Italy with a particular focus on gastronomy, health and well-being, allowing you to discover the country’s inimitable heritage. Our ambition is to create elite and unforgettable trips both for private and corporate entertainment by blending exclusivity with authenticity forging you with a deeply emotional and experiential engagement.

Due to the diverse characters of each region, Italy is an incredibly versatile and intriguing destination with endless possibilities all year round. We want to ensure that you capture the majesty of each region while travelling in style by giving you exclusive access to places and activities that are normally not possible. Our goal is to showcase Italy’s finest craftsmanship, the elite of “made in Italy”. Gastronomy is the main focus of our  experiences as we believe it is the best communication tool to showcase the regional culture, filling you with  profound cultural moments that will make you “eat with your soul”.  Depending on your interest, we will combine culinary delights with local special activities ranging from art, history, fashion, sport and entertainment.

So whether you are enjoying dinner for two in a private palace in Venice with a Michelin star chef and Italy’s best sommelier, heli skiing on the  Dolomites with an ex world champion or having  exclusive access to the world’s elite jewellery makers labs for a custom built diamond,  our mission is to push your imagination in order to help us create a one of a kind trip that will be remembered for the rest of your life.

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