Dr Paola Signorini

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For over twenty years I have been involved in intellectual conversations, brain working training and intellectual analysis. I do not believe in mental illness, and my approach is neither a doctor or a pharmacologist, but an intellectual, listening and speaking one. In my experience I had the opportunity to come across many issues and I could see that discomfort and difficulty, if done and addressed, always become opportunities for growth and improvement. Discomfort, obstacles, difficulties belong to our lives and we can not avoid or remove them. Instead, we can learn to face them and make them an important and constructive part of our existence. Causes can be external causes such as mourning, separation, a work problem, a problem with children or some other difficult or painful event or issues that remain unresolved in our lives. This difficulty is commonly classified as ill and as a pathology. On the contrary, it is precisely the indication that something new is beginning. It’s an opportunity to analyse your life, to improve it. Just because of the discomfort you realise you have no alternatives, you need to act and just because of that you may be born a real need to enhance your itinerary. It is not a question of something negative, but an opportunity for improvement and growth. Intellectual analysis is first and foremost a journey towards quality or to the quality of life and to its valorisation.

Why to launch an intellectual analysis path

  • To face their own fears
  • To overcome moments of difficulty in private life or work
  • To analyze their own issues
  • To build the conditions of their journey
  • To discover their talents
  • To develop their own life project
  • To find the free word and misunderstanding
  • To learn to communicate, listen to and welcome the other
  • For the life

The meetings take place in South Kensington but are also available at meetings in other places to be agreed from time to time or even through telephone conversations or via Skype.

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