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Luca Pozzi is a psychologist and a CBT High Intensity Therapist at NHS Lets talk at Edgware Community Hospital and at private practice.Specialised in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety and Depression. Graduated in Psychologist at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, where he later obtained a degree in Clinical Psychology.

Luca is working at 23 Austin Firars, BANK station and in Queen’s park.

He has been trained in the “Mentalization based treatment” at the Anna Freud Centre and has worked within the Day Care Eating Disorder Unit of the Maudsley Hospital and as assistant research at the Cassel Hospital specialist service for Personality disorder the only Clinical Community founded directly by Central NHS to support people with suicidal ideation and Personality Disorders. Areas of expertise: Developmental Psychology / Personality Disorders/ Panic Attack/ Low self esteem / Relational Difficulties/ Personal Empowerment / Eating Disorders / Phobias / Sexual Difficulties.

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36 Comments on Luca Pozzi | CBT therapist | CPsychol | BANK & QUEEN’s PARK

Report Subscribe 25/07/2019 14:36

Luca was very a supportive and encouraging therapist. I went from being overwhelmed by anxiety to control it much better. Very pleased with the results.

Report Subscribe 30/06/2019 23:37

After over a decade of unsuccessful therapists/councillors etc, I had almost given up on the possibility of finding a therapist that would work for me. This was until I was lucky enough to of been referred to Luca Pozzi. In the time that we have been meeting we have, and continue to work on issues I struggle with including depression, anxiety and low self esteem and Luca has created a safe and professional environment for me to work them through. Luca has given me the confidence and support to confront personal issues I have not had the courage to face before as well as given me the strength to make positive changes in my life. Luca is an excellent therapist and I would confidently recommend him to any person seeking help.

Report Subscribe 23/01/2019 12:41

Ho avuto modo di far altre terapie in passato e devo dire che con Luca ho sperimentato un nuovo modo per affrontare i miei problemi che mi ha lasciato molti piu strumenti ... dopo tutto credo che avro benefici anche a lungo termine perche non ho solo avuto un benessere istantaneo ma anche i mezzi per affrontare qualche intoppo futuro.

Report Subscribe 24/09/2018 21:07

Have been years suffering from eating disorder, finally I decided to see Luca after research. I am so glad I met him. He was helpful, patient and a great listener. After regular sessions in the last couple of months, for the first time after years, I feel ‘normal’. Thankyou, Luca !

Report Subscribe 21/09/2018 22:30

From the first session of therapy I felt very at ease; I felt I could freely speak my mind out knowing I would not be judged. The therapy overall was enlightening-I have learnt what was at the core of many years of my struggles. Finally, I have received a lot of practical advice on how do deal with my anxiety.

Report Subscribe 18/09/2018 18:08

Sono stato in terapia dal Dott. Pozzi per circa due anni. Il Dott. Pozzi e' una persona amabile ed e' capace di creare empatia e fiducia con il paziente. Elementi fondamentali per poter conseguire risultati terapeutici soddisfacenti. A distanza di due anni, posso confermare di sentirmi una persona migliore e di avere un opinione molto positiva di me stesso. Obiettivi che difficilmente avrei raggiunto senza il sostegno del Dott. Pozzi.

James Paterson
Report Subscribe 30/07/2018 10:04

The therapy I've received has been life changing. I've noticed a lot of positive changes in my life. Luca has tailored the therapy to me and that has helped in me addressing issues specifically related to my life and helped me address, understand and move forward with these. Luca has been an absolute professional at all times and the tasks, exercises he's suggested and given me to work on outside of the sessions have really helped also and have helped me unlock a better understanding of myself and helped me move on / progress and feel more comfortable with who I am The change has been massive and a very grateful.

S. B.
Report Subscribe 10/05/2018 17:15

I needed support for my social anxiety and my difficulties in intimate relationships with women; Luca truly helped me to sort things and now I am confident, back in the game dating and life is much more positive. Highly recommend

Report Subscribe 23/03/2018 14:31

Amazing work, very effective sessions and a lovely person. Highly recommend.

Report Subscribe 17/01/2018 15:35

I have had Trauma Focussed Therapy with Luca Pozzi for 12 weeks. The therapy has been very effective. Luca is a calm and tentative therapist, analytical and empowering. Very professional but with a gentle sense of humour. I felt safe and secure during the sessions of therapy. I highly recommend him.

Report Subscribe 13/12/2017 11:44

My sessions with Luca were incredibly beneficial. He was insightful and patient and I believe the sessions have really had a positive impact.

Report Subscribe 08/12/2017 11:41

Working with Luca was very helpful, he was able to support me with depression, low self-esteem, and social anxiety; problems that affected me for long time; now I feel a new person; he is professional and easy to talk to. I would recommend him.

Report Subscribe 21/11/2017 18:07

Initial consultation over the phone was simple and relaxed. Luca was friendly and excellent with providing practical resources and follow-up support.

Susan Sheibani
Report Subscribe 20/11/2017 13:15

Professional manner yet easy to talk to. Relaxed initial consultation. Very helpful and productive.

Report Subscribe 04/11/2017 08:29

I had my phone assessment with Luca and it was great, professionalism, discretion, understanding and support.

Report Subscribe 04/10/2017 23:51

Devo ringraziare Luca, si é dimostrato professionale ed affidabile aiutandomi a superare l'ansia, l'insonnia e a risolvere le mie insicurezze, soprattutto con l'altra parte del letto. Ottimo lavoro, la possibilitá di fare un completo screening della mia salute sessuale poi mi ha messo davanti alla realtá e con l'aiuto di Luca siamo riusciti a superare quei problemi.

Report Subscribe 23/09/2017 18:49

Luca mi ha aiutato a superare le mie difficoltá relazionali e a vincere la mia anoressia. Il team di the italian medical centre é stato fantastico. Competente e molto professionale

Report Subscribe 14/09/2017 15:57

I had a very positive experience during my telephone conversation with Luca. He was kind and compassionate, combining serious and constructive suggestions with warmth and gentle humour. I would give his services the highest recommendation.

Sam E
Report Subscribe 23/07/2017 14:32

Speaking to Luca on the telephone for the first time I found Luca to be both friendly and polite, easy to talk to and was not condescending. I am looking forward to joining the anxiety group sessions and meeting Luca himself,

Report Subscribe 23/06/2017 23:45

Luca has been very understanding of my problems and helped me work through them with practical suggestions.

Komal Karia
Report Subscribe 14/06/2017 17:10

Great therapist, good listener and very atttentive. Cares about his work

Report Subscribe 08/06/2017 17:32

A positive experience. He was a sympathetic listener and made me feel at ease.

Alessio Valentini
Report Subscribe 06/06/2017 19:53

I had a positive experience. The therapy helped in a short period of time with some tips to help get through depression and anxiety

Linda Phillips
Report Subscribe 28/04/2017 18:46

Really nice guy, he made me feel at ease and able to open up about my feelings. Can strongly recommend his services.

Report Subscribe 12/04/2017 14:57

Quando la mia confidenza con la'ltro sesso e le mie difficolta' sessuali sono emerse anche nella camera da letto ho capito di avere bisogno di un aiuto concreto. Con Luca abbiamo deciso di affrontare un percorso di 6 sedute che mi ha molto aiutato a capire I perche' delle mie difficolta' e a risolverele. GLi sono molto grato e lo consiglio vivamente.

Report Subscribe 12/04/2017 14:45

really nice guy. gained a lot more confidence and feel loads better about myself. has given me a lot of tool to help me with my anxiety and depression.

Report Subscribe 07/03/2017 15:35

I have been knowing Luca POZZI for some time and with a great confidence can state that Luca is a great professional in psychology field. Despite his professional skills, he is also highly committed and focused on helping people with special psychological needs. Moreover, Luca is involved in numerous charity projects that is a prove of his passion to help people who require it the most. I am very pleased to recommend Luca.

Report Subscribe 22/02/2017 00:35

Ringrazio moltissimo Luca per la sua professionalità ed approccio, mi ha fatto sentire a mio agio dal primo contatto e con premura mi ha aiutato a seguire un nuovo percorso verso il miglioramento. Grazie mille!

Report Subscribe 17/02/2017 20:41

Devo ringraziare tantissimo Luca che mi ha aiutato incredibilmente durante il mio percorso per uscire dalla depressione. Avevo completamente perso autostima, fiducia nelle mie capacita' e non mi riconoscevo piu' per quella che sono. E' stato capace di guidarmi in questo cammino con professionalita' e compassione finche' non sono riuscita a ritrovare la scintilla e continuare sulle mie gambe. E' un professionista sempre disponibile, molto sincero e affidabile e con un approccio diretto. Non porto' mai ringraziarlo abbastanza.

Report Subscribe 11/02/2017 13:27

Luca ha aiutato me e la mia ragazza. Lei purtroppo soffriva da tempo di anoressia e bulimia. Grazie all'aiuto di Luca e della nutrizionista con cui collabora al The Italian Medical Centre siamo riusciti a superare questo difficile momento.

Dr. Luca Longo
Report Subscribe 10/02/2017 13:44

I am pleased to recommend Luca as a very dedicated person. He is the one who will make sure that the job gets done promptly and accurately. His practical experience in the field is certainly the key point to the success of any project and study. On the social level, Luca is a great colleague to work with - he is cheerful, confident and optimistic and confronts challenges directly. He is always open to criticism and constructive feedback all for the success of any project. He can speak several languages and had lots of international experiences which helps make people and patients comfortable. He has the patience required for dealing with specific circumstances and he always motivates patients. His innate capacity to innovate and his genuine passion for psychology, both theoretical and practical, is certainly a positive addition to any workplace.

Report Subscribe 09/02/2017 17:40

Luca e una persona affidabile e sempre disponibile. Mi ha aiutato molto.

Sylvia M
Report Subscribe 06/02/2017 21:44

Through working with Luca I have discovered how passionate he is about providing the very best care for all his patients. He is kind, hard working, compassionate, professional and very caring.

Report Subscribe 06/02/2017 20:37

Luca Pozzi mi ha aiutato ad uscire da un periodo di crisi in cui quasi nulla aveva senso e non avevo la motivazione per fare nulla. Lui ha ascoltato i miei problemi senza giudicare e pian piano mi ha aiutato a conprendere che ero in trappola in un circolo vizioso di negativismo e a cambiare il mio approccio alla vita. Non credevo in me stesso e non mi era possibile neanche trovare un lavoretto. Grazie al lavoro fatto sulla mia autostima, adesso ho un lavoro che mi appaga sia economicamemte che dal punto di vista delle soddisfazioni.

Matteo P
Report Subscribe 06/02/2017 12:03

Il Dr. Pozzi mi ha aiutato ad uscire da un periodo molto difficile con pazienza e facendomi imboccare la strada giusta, gli sarò infinitamente grato per tutto l'aiuto che ha saputo darmi in questo percorso!

L Cro
Report Subscribe 06/02/2017 11:11

Luca e' un professionista serio che mi ha molto aiutato a superare le mie difficolta'