Dr Federica Boecklin

Wilbraham Place Practice, 9a Wilbraham Place, London, SW1X 9AE Categories: Acupuncture, Wellness Centre, Doctor General Practitioner GP, Medical Specialist, Oncologist, Paediatrician, HEALTH AND WELLNESS Specialist Doctor in Kensington and Chelsea Specialist Doctor in London

Dr Federica Boecklin is an Integrated Medicine Specialist. Her particular approach to health and healing is to provide patients with individually tailored health and wellbeing programmes, using the safest and most effective combination of approaches and treatments from the world of both conventional and complementary medicine.

She is a graduate from University “La Sapienza” Medical School, Rome, where she also obtained her Specialist qualification in Clinical Haematology. To conventional medical training she has then decided to add a variety of complementary approaches in particular Homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. She gained full Membership of the Faculty of Homeopathy and subsequently went on to study acupuncture, obtaining a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine issued by the Chinese Medical Institute and Register and The Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology.  She worked as an NHS Specialist Doctor at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (RLHIM), part of University College Hospitals from 2001 – 2014.  Her work at the RLHIM centred on a variety of clinical specialities including Woman’s health, Fertility, Complementary Cancer Care, Children’s Health, Chronic Pain Management and Addictions Management. She also ran a busy high-volume Acupuncture Clinic for the treatment of menopausal hot flushes and menstrual period disorders.

She has recently developed a special interest in treating children and young adults, combining homeopathic treatment with very gentle acupuncture and acupressure for the treatment of chronic painful conditions as well as recurrent upper respiratory conditions, digestive complaints and chronic headaches.

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