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Dr Fabio Castiglione is an Italian Urologist-Andrologist.

He obtained a degree in Medicine and Surgery and later completed his training in Urology at the Vita Salute San Raffaele University of Milan in July 2015. He is a Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine (FECSM).


Work experience in Italy

During his Urological training at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, Dr. Castiglione focused mainly on andrology, infertility and prostatic surgery.


Work experience in Belgium

From January 2014 to January 2016, Dr. Castiglione was awarded by the European Urology Society (EAU) with a research / clinical fellowship in andrological-reconstructive surgery at the University of Leuven, Belgium.


Work experience in India

From January 2016 to November 2016 Dr. Castiglione worked as a senior fellow at the Institute of Urethral Surgery in Pune, India. During this fellowship, Dr. Castiglione has learned the most advanced surgical techniques for the treatment of urethral stenosis.


Work experience in UK

From November 2016 to February 2018 Dr. Castiglione worked as Clinical Fellow at the Department of Andrology and Reconstructive Surgery at the University College Hospital (UCLH) in London and, from February 2018 to November 2018, in the Department of Urology at Whittington Hospital.
From November 2018 Dr. Castiglione works at the Institute of Urology, University College Hospital in London, where he is part of the pelvic robotic team dealing mainly with malignant diseases of prostate and bladder but also of benign prostatic hypertrophy and surgical treatment of common urinary disorders.
He is author of numerous publications in international journals and is currently engaged as an invited speaker in numerous national and international conferences. In 2017, the European Society of Urology awarded him as the best European fellow in Urology. Member of numerous scientific societies, he has been a member of the scientific committee of the International Society of Sexual Medicine since 2018 and is the chairman of the commission for the international andrological guidelines.



Dr. Castiglione deals with all the diseases of the genitourinary system with particular interest in Andrology and prostate diseases.



Italian and English.

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