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We are a family London-based independent publishing house, operating since 2012. We are dedicated to discovering the unheard voices and unseen masterpieces that are everywhere around us (who knows, you may be one!), and to pushing our selection of fantasy literature amongst a world of literary giants that, due to their sheer size and monetary inclinations, often depart from the true essence of wonderment that defines our favourite genres! We appreciate the advances in publishing technology, and present most of, if not all of our publications in both paper and electronic formats.

Moreover we offer services of graphic design, illustration, translation or printing to third parts. Then if you need a logo for your business, illustrators for your marketing campaign or high quality printing, we are here to help!

Find below some of our recent titles:

  • Dark Rock Chronicles, contemporary fantasy novel.
  • The Cold of Hell, Steampunk story.
  • Rourke the Hexbuster, horror graphic novel.
  • Desdemona, crime graphic novel.
  • Enchantment Agency, comic book.
  • Kingdom of Fantasy, magazine.

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