Daniele Banzato

Londra, Regno Unito Categories: Cameraman, Film Production House, SERVICES PRIVATE AND B2B Videographer e camera assistant in London Videographer e camera assistant in the UK
I shoot, edit and direct videos. Ultimately, I tell stories. I am passionate about connecting and teaming up with people and places, getting to know them, bringing the details to life and telling their stories from an innovative point of view. 15 years of international experience behind the camera working on a wide variety of video contents for both online and broadcast television. During this time I collaborated with film production companies, digital marketing agencies and clients worldwide to translate their ideas into moving images. My creative work includes documentaries, corporate videos, current affairs, news & politics, feature films, short films, social media content, commercials, tutorials, educational videos, live events and many more. Throughout my career I developed experience with a vast range of cameras like Arri, Red, Canon, Sony as well as with lighting and film equipment.
Products and Services
  • Videographer
  • video content creator
  • Video production

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