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32 flat Newland house, Newland road, London, N8 7AJ Categories: Wellness Centre, Physical Therapist, Massages, HEALTH AND WELLNESS Italian Masseuse in Hornsey Italian Masseuse in London

Get yourself in a Healthy and Happy life.

Craft Massage & Shiatsu.

I am CNHC registered (Complementary Natural Healthcare Council).

My name is Rita and I am Independent Clinical Therapist and owner of Craft Massage&Shiatsu. Craft means: Create your own Massage-experience. An Unique journey: you.

I believe that healing originates within human body. Every person is an individual and many therapies work for different people in different moments of their life. I am constantly motivated and inspired from everything around me: people, animals, plants. Since 1998, I have been studying and practicing complementary therapies and my passion has never stopped.

I work with all types of difficulties and with people from all walks of life. My mission is to educate and help individuals to discover and understand their own bodies, to find internal connections and use natural resources and craft individual massages based on needs and requirements. I use safe, appropriate and effective techniques, explaining the procedures that I apply. I give support and lifestyle advises, based on initial Pre-Health Questionnaire and on my experience and knowledge as a therapist. The service is only for women (or men if I receive referral by women) in my Home Therapy-Room. I create a Relaxing and Comfortable space, Clean and Quiet close to Alexandra Park. A lovely place for your time-out, far from the roar of the city (plenty of free-parking at any time).

I will look after you, taking time for the initial Health Questionnaire with a Drink Welcome Ritual (which I change daily), understanding what you need and help you to reconnect with yourself during the Real Therapy. I am an Italian mother tongue, and I speak English and Spanish fluently.


-Authentic Traditional Shiatsu Treatment (Shiatsu Society uk member).
-Advanced Massage Therapies (CHP Complementary Health professionals member)
-Manual Lymphatic Drainage according with Dr Vodder (MLD uk, DLT member).
-DLT Decongestive Lymphatic Therapist. DLT is an intensive program that combines many different treatments: Manual Lymphatic Drainage, bandaging, compression garments, exercise and self care.
Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy is used for treating Lymphoedema .
-Body care rituals.

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