Cinzia Taffagli

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Qualifications and Organisational Memberships

(1995) – Psychology ‘Laurea’ (equivalent to BSc) specialised in Clinical and Community Psychology – University of Padua, Italy
(2000) – Access and Certificate in Youth, Community and Social Work Theory and Practice – London
(2005) – Dip in Family and Systemic Psychotherapy – Tavistock, London
(2010) – MSc in Family and Systemic Psychotherapy – IFT, London
(2018) Systemic Supervision and Management – IFT, London

Registered with United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) – as a Psychotherapist working with Children, Young people and Adults. Registration number: 2011162775

– Working in Partnership and Systemically within a Social Work Unit: workers’ own experience, Human Systems, Vol 23, Issues 1, 2012 (full version)

The Family and Systemic approach I use is known for taking into account the influences of the ‘context’ a person lives in, which means that I believe that our lives, beliefs, behavioural scripts are influenced by the wider social, community and family networks. I therefore support clients in developing their ability to think about how their own age, gender, race, culture, sexuality, education, class and other social differences impact on their life opportunities and positions them in relationships with relatives, friends, partner, work colleagues and in the wider society.

I work on people’s strengths and personal resources, focusing on the solutions rather than the problems. It helps people in relationship to have a different kind of conversation, exploring difficult thoughts and situation in a safe way, enabling a different understanding of others’ experience and views. I attempt to allow silenced voices to be heard in such a way clients feel empowered even in daunting situations; feel hopeful for the future; feel contained and able to make wise choices.

My approach is relational as it acknowledges the importance of relationships in our lives, as well as that we have developed relational patterns through generations. Sometimes we might find that some of our significant relationships can hinder or promote our well-being; we may find ourselves in conflict with loved ones, finding it hard to feel happy, to deal with life difficulties, stuck and unable to dip into our resilience.
I aim to work collaboratively with clients, supporting them to become aware of their positions in the various relational contexts they live, and as a consequence to open up new possibilities and solutions in their lives. We will be thinking together how to make different life choices that would support the expression of their potentialities and abilities to manage life challenges.
I make any attempt to create a safe enough space with clients, whereby they are able to re-author their narratives in a way that meets their hopes and dreams for their future.

Whilst I can work with Individuals (adults or children), Couple and Families, the people who may attend the sessions at each time can vary depending on the issues presented and various circumstances, which will be discussed with the client/s.

Issues I work with:
Any mental health diagnoses for example: ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Self-harming, PTSD, Attachment.
Relational difficulties: couple issues, separation and divorce, domestic violence.
Parenting: co-parenting, skills, dealing with children with conduct problems, any other child related issues).
Adjusting to illness. Stress and work issues.
Abuse and neglect: physical, emotional and sexual.
Social Diversity: age, gender, sexual orientation, class, immigration, cultural and ethnic differences, religion, spirituality.
Identity, self-esteem, bullying.

I see private clients in Kentish Town, sessions cost £ 60 for individuals, and £ 70 for couples and families.

Products and Services
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Couple psychotherapy
  • Family and kinship psychotherapy
  • Consultation to professionals
  • Clinical supervision to professionals and students
  • Ssystemic Training to various professionals

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