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Boutique Italiana specializes in selling Italian quality handbags, jewellery, leather goods, home décor and gift ideas. The products are handmade with care and passion from talented designers and artisans. We source products that we believe show great craftsmanship to offer a more traditional side of Italy. We also source products with great modern design to show a more innovative side of Italy.

Our designers and artisans share the same passion for their products.  They love what they are doing and it shows in their handcrafts.

Boutique Italiana has started as a cooperation between mother and daughter. The daughter is a marketer with experience in online marketing and online shopping. The mother is a retired arts history teacher. Both share a passion for travelling through Italy to discover its traditions in fashion, craftsmanship and architecture. Both are also fascinated by the new, be it original designs or the reinterpretation of traditional techniques. Boutique Italiana is a way of sharing this passion with a broader audience and getting you inspired to get a piece from Italy. It is a tough moment for medium-high end products in Italy, but we believe in the talents that we propose to you and we want to support them with your help.

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