Dr. Augusto Palombi

Londra, Regno Unito Categories: Medical Specialist, Paediatrician, HEALTH AND WELLNESS Italian Paediatrician in London Italian Paediatrician in the UK
Dr Augusto Palombi is an Italian Paediatrician and Consultant at the Kingston Hospital in London, where he has three weekly surgeries of General Paediatrics and cares for 120 children, from 0 to 18 years of age, every month. With more than 30 years experience, Dr Palombi has trained at La Sapienza University in Rome, qualifying with distinction, and worked for 27 years in the Neonatology and Paediatrics Department at Hospital M.G. Vannini in Rome. Moreover, he is the Named Doctor for Looked after children at the Moor Lane Centre in the Community Paediatric, where he works with children and adolescents in foster care or adoption.
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