Antonio Funaro Photographer

Great West Quarter (Stop BY), Brentford, Regno Unito Categories: Photographer, SERVICES PRIVATE AND B2B Italian photographer in Brentford Italian photographer in London
I was born in Naples and grew up using a Canon T60. I started studying analog photography in high school, spending most of my time developing film and printing in the darkroom even when I should have been in class! Later, I drew my inspiration not only from well known photographers but also from classical painters and everything to do with storytelling through images. I was also able to draw on my knowledge of colour theory, colorimetry, composition, drawing, illustration when I worked as a Digital Painter for The Walt Disney Company. Passionate about fashion, Paris seemed like the perfect place to dedicate myself full-time to fashion photography. Moved to London I’ve started working for big shows at Pinewood and Leavesden Studios as VFX artist and Shot creator in previs on shows like Spiderman, Fast and furious, etc This huge passion for the Cinema industry drives me along my path as filmmaker, applying all my knowledge in photography and in direction I finally decided to start my own business as independent filmmaker and videographer specialized in Music videos, advertising, short movies. I’m a member of TAU Visual with Press pass.
Products and Services
  • Wedding pictures
  • Music video clip
  • Wedding video
  • Engagement photo
  • Birth photography
  • Family portrait
  • Photo portrait
  • Editorial
  • Couples photography

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