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Hi, my name is Andreazzurra and I am 31. I was born in Catania, Italy, and since I was a child I have been attracted by the world of music and its great power of connecting people and cultures. I’m a singer, a performer and a songwriter. I have been dealing with vocal coaching for about 12 years. I took part in various TV talent shows in Italy like X Factor and The Voice of Italy 2014. Attracted by the wonderful world of vocal technique and voice, at the age of 19, I began studying laryngology and speech therapy, attending some internships and courses of various voice professionals, including Dr. Franco Fussi and Dr. Ugo Cesari. I graduated at Pop&Rock Trinity College Music where I also became a trainer for the various grades. I studied the VMS method for singing teachers with Loretta Martinez at the Melody School in Rome. I also attended the Voice To Teach course, an intensive course for singing teachers in Bologna and after a careful examination, I was included in the vocal coaches register as a qualified teacher of modern singing. Well, are you looking for a professional teacher of the voice? Here I am!! I will help you to enhance your vocal performances, auditions and everything you need to improve your VOICE. Do you have any problems with your high notes? With your grave notes? Don’t you know what the sound is in MIX or how to use it? Do you get very tired when you sing and would you like your voice to sound more natural? Contact me! Together we’ll understand the right path to take, we will search together for the so-called “TRUE VOICE”. Whether you have an advanced or a basic level, this doesn’t matter, I can help you become what you want, using your voice correctly, avoiding hurting your precious vocal cords! I hope to see you in my classes soon:-)
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2 Comments on Andreazzurra | Vocal Coach

Report Subscribe 28/06/2019 17:04

La migliore insegnante di canto moderno di tutta la Sicilia. Il lungo percorso di studi, le esperienze e infine il diploma al Trinity music college, hanno forgiato questa figura altamente professionale, ormai punto di riferimento per l'insegnamento del canto moderno in tutta la Sicilia e dintorni. Le tantissime richieste da parte du aspiranti cantanti l'hanno spinta a espandere il suo sapere anche nel territorio londinese, sebbene da poco tempo. I suoi allievi hanno conseguito tantissimi premi e gratificazioni, partecipando e in molti casi arrivando sul podio, a tanti talent e gare nazionali. Un'insegnante grandiosa che consiglio vivamente!

Luca Di Stefano
Report Subscribe 28/06/2019 16:51

She is so incredible. She Is the main person in charge of my TV success. You're my best teacher for ever.