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31 Park Road, Coventry, CV1 2LE Categories: Psychologist, Psychotherapist, HEALTH AND WELLNESS Italian psychologist and psychotherapist in Coventry Italian psychologist and psychotherapist in the United Kingdom

Specializing: Communication issues in intimate relationships (couple, family…); Emotional and behavioural issues in children and adolescents; Parents training; anxiety and panic attacks; depression
I think different kinds of suffering hide a common experience of suspension or block that generates the feeling of being unable to understand how to carry on, as every attempt to move forward comes to a standstill.
Anxiety, depression, obsessions, relationship difficulties, a sense of losing oneself are some expressions of this feeling of being blocked.

I am a psychologist and a constructivist psychotherapist.
I have been working for more than ten years with adolescents, adults and couples in order to recover the momentum in their life which they feel they have lost.
The therapeutic process is a journey I go on with people who ask me for help. It is a shared path towards a greater understanding of the problem experienced and the way it is stopping them living their life. This work goes towards the dissolution of the problem and the exploration of possible alternatives, from which the person can choose and resume his/her path.

– Albo degli Psicologi del Piemonte n. 7379 Albo-sez.A (Psicoterapeuta):
– Personal Construct Psychology Association (PCPA);
– UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

Products and Services
  • psychotherapy for adolescents and adults
  • psychotherapy for couple
  • support groups (about anxiety, relational issues...)
  • parents training

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