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I am a consultant Brand Care and a university professor, I deal mostly brand management, strategic planning, creative direction and organisation of audiovisual production. I am also certified in Social Media Management (HootSuite Certificate in Project Management (ISIPM-Base).

As a consultant, since 2005 I am working in Italy and abroad with companies and professionals of the most diverse sectors in order to develop their business idea and turn them into charismatic brands, from high visibility with their target and a positive reputation.

To achieve this, I support my clients dealing of the necessary analytical step: evaluation of business ideas, analysis of existing management and communication strategies, overview of the marked scenario, qualitative analysis of competitors and target.

All this followed by the strategic planning phase: the brand values’ definition and competitive advantage, business plans, marketing plans and branding, media planning and creative campaigns to campaigns and / or events, digital planning and social networking strategies, training.

Completed the planning, I have the skills and – where necessary – I avail of a network of professionals to develop the operational implementation of each strategic element to support the project both from a creative point and a management view.

Some of my clients are: Buongiorno e Buonasera Ltd, Qubit Ltd, Elpack SpA, IED – Istituto Europeo di Design SpA, Balletto di Roma Scrl, TSF – Tele Sistemi Ferroviari SpA, Telefin SpA, Emerge SpA, FIDA SpA, RFI – Rete Ferroviaria Italiana SpA, Trenitalia SpA, HouseGest Italia Srl, Prase Engineering Srl, Sysnet Telematica Srl, Costruire Energie Srl, Eletech Srl, Black Box Network Services Srl, HouseGest Srl, DBE Informatica Sas, C&T Comunicazione, Quadrics Ltd (Gruppo Finmeccanica), Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Stop in Italy Srl, Pacanife Holding Srl, Belle Arti Percorsi Culturali Srl, Black Box network Services Srl, EOS Management Consulting Srl, Soft Strategy Srl, Prase Engineering Srl, Sysnet Telematica Srl, Fabbricadigitale Srl, Costruire Energie Srl, COF – Consorzio Ottico Folletto, InGenium 2000 Srl, Sec & Associati Srl, Comitato NEST.

In addition to this, I am teacher from 2004 for university courses, master and corporate training courses. In this capacity, I design, plan, coordinate and teach- both in English and Italian – educational programs regarding branding, communication, marketing, audiovisual production and product placement.

Since 2009, I am working on coordination and teaching of some modules for the Master in Brand Management din the Istituto Europeo of Design in Rome. For the same private university I am also the coordinator and the lecturer in the Communication and Design’s Faculty  for the subjects related to the Design Management.

I am the author of several essays and articles for online and printed magazines. These publications are aimed to put the academic world in contact with the business-oriented , just as the blog including in my website.

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