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131-133 Cannon Street , London, EC4N 5AX Categories: Lawyer Legal Firm, SERVICES PRIVATE AND B2B Italian lawyer in City of London Italian lawyer in London

As a partner and manager of the Italian law firm ADL Legal, located in London, England, the lawyer and solicitor Gerardo Aprovitolo and his team of European solicitors and attorneys, offer both legal and business advice in Italian and English.

The study mainly offers legal advice and full legal assistance to those companies that carry out their activities between Italy and England and vice versa.

ADL Legal also follows private individuals on all major legal issues, including successions, purchase of immovable property and medical liability.

In addition, it follows, for businesses and individuals, executive proceedings involving securities issued by Italian Courts, recovery of claims and judicial proceedings in civil and corporate matters.

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Report Subscribe 20/06/2018 18:28

Validissimi colleghi. Ottimo punto di appoggio per italiani con problemi legali a Londra. Consigliati